( Publication, 18 pages, 8.5x11 inch)


            Gayte Magazine is a publication in the Rainbow Propaganda project. The legend of Rabbit God— a god that blesses the love between two men, is far long forgotten by the nation's culture, people, and history. However, its implication is significant for LGTB groups in China to find their ancient origins in the world's culture. Around 300 years from the present, in China's Qing Dynasty, people created a tragic fairy tale of Rabbit God to arouse people's reflection on diverse love forms. However, LGBT groups in many Asian countries will still be treated with discrimination and bias in the current world. Therefore, I used the original character of Rabbit God combined with modern visual design languages to create a brand new story. My purpose is to challenge social stereotypes and controversies by using unfamiliar and creative visual language to provoke people's reactions. Firstly, I made a series of illustrations containing the Cultural Revolution propaganda elements, which seem very ironic here. Then I turned a shared washroom into a celebrating exhibition space full of LGBT propaganda and other visual designs for the viewer to enter my work and experience it personally. It is like reverse propaganda, ironically. Finally, with the photos taken, I created a publication that tells the story of a modern man who hid his sexual orientation because of social pressures. But found the courage and freedom to reveal his real inner identity after entering the washroom—a place where the audience can also embrace their true identity.